2020 "Special" Favorites from the Lantana Sky & Weather Camera

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I think these deserve special attention!

sky cam photo

Look at the "ghost bird" in the above image (zoom in if you can or click the image that is flying from left to right). What a capture, eh? I believe this "anomaly" is due to the way I set up the camera settings (i.e. long exposure, WDR, and/or 3D noise reduction) and how the camera processes images.

sky cam photo

Pretty amazing lighting capture strike, don't you think?

red-shouldered hawk

A red-shouldered hawk grabbed a meal and flew over the camera.

BONUS: From the Original Lantana Sky & Weather Camera

This "original" sky cam didn't last too long as the rain took it out (it must not have been as weatherproof as advertised).

night time sky cam photo sky cam photo sky cam photo

Choose year: 202020192018Special/Other

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