Eastern Bluebird Nest Cam (Lantana, TX)

Expected hatch day: April 10, 2019 (+/- 1 day); expected fledge day: April 28, 2019 (+/- 2 days)

UPDATE 2019-04-14: Out of 6 eggs, 4 hatched. One hatchling died (have no idea why) and was removed. The 2 eggs that didn't hatch were removed 2019-04-14.

When there is enough light then you should see a little color, otherwise the video will be black and white.

Sorry about the audio, the camera I am using has always had a lot of noise/whine... but you definitely want to be able to hear the baby birds when they hatch and especially when they get older and much noisier.

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Tech Stuff

The equipment and software I use: